Cycling responsible

“Responsible Cycling” Bicycle Category: Bringing Life and Meaning Back to Mobility

Welcome to our “Responsible Cycling” bicycle category, where mobility meets eco-responsibility to create harmony between the past and the future. Each bike in this collection embodies a story of renewal, sustainability and commitment to our planet. Discover how these reconditioned bikes and our eco-responsible creations contribute to shaping responsible, sustainable and livable solutions 🙂

Refurbished Bikes: A Transformative Journey
We offer you the opportunity to rent or buy unique models, such as the recycled La Poste bicycle. Originally designed by the prestigious brand Gitane to meet the requirements of La Poste for electrically assisted bicycles, this model has now been carefully restored by the Nouvelle Attitude team (our partner, an integration company subsidiary of the Group The post office). After five years of dedicated service, this bike has been given new life and is ready to create new, memorable adventures.

Nouvelle Attitude, designer of these cycles, in addition to giving them a second life, also promotes the creation of local jobs and encourages social inclusion by working in close collaboration with integration and disability stakeholders.

Eco-Responsible Creations: A Sustainable Philosophy
Our Smoothie Bike and its wooden trailers are largely designed from recycled materials, thus offering a gourmet experience while contributing to the protection of our planet. Designed and produced locally by La Boite à Soudure, our cycling and eco-responsible solution partner. Every sip of smoothie becomes an act in favor of a greener and more sustainable future.

Each bike in the “Responsible Cycling” category embodies the promise of conscious mobility, restored sustainability and a history of commitment to the environment and society. Join us in our quest to create a positive impact while moving with style and awareness.

Included in the rental

Trousse de premier secours compris avec la location du vélo
First aid kit
>Gilet de sécurité compris avec la location du vélo
Safety vest
Casque compris avec la location du vélo
Pompe à main compris avec la location du vélo
Hand pump
Antivol compris avec la location du vélo
Panier compris avec la location du vélo
(on compatible models)