Choose from a wide range of ARCADE CYCLES bikes (VTC, mountain bike, electric bikes, tandem, children's bikes, follower bikes, children's trailers, baby seats).

VTC bikes (all-road bikes), Mountain bikes (all-terrain bikes) and electric bikes are popular types of bikes that offer different features and are suitable for different types of terrain and uses. Here is a brief description of each of these types of bikes:

VTC (all-road bikes): VTC bikes are versatile and designed for use on a variety of terrains. They are suitable for both urban use and occasional outings off paved roads. VTCs often have wide tires, a comfortable driving position and features that allow them to ride on different types of surfaces, such as unpaved paths or cycle paths.

Mountain bikes (all-terrain bikes): Mountain bikes are specifically designed for use on difficult and uneven terrain. They are equipped with suspensions, robust tires with good grip, a transmission adapted to technical terrain, powerful brakes and a solid frame for better shock resistance. ATVs are ideal for thrill-seekers who enjoy mountain biking or exploring off-road trails.

Electric bikes: Electric bicycles, also called e-bikes, are equipped with an electric motor which assists the cyclist when pedaling. They are becoming more and more popular because they allow you to travel longer distances, climb slopes more easily and move faster with less physical effort. Electric bikes can be available in different categories, including electric hybrid bikes, electric mountain bikes and other models suitable for various uses.

Included in the rental

Trousse de premier secours compris avec la location du vélo
First aid kit
>Gilet de sécurité compris avec la location du vélo
Safety vest
Casque compris avec la location du vélo
Pompe à main compris avec la location du vélo
Hand pump
Antivol compris avec la location du vélo
Panier compris avec la location du vélo
(on compatible models)