Adapted bikes

Adapted bicycles are bicycles specially designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. physical limitations or motor or other disabilities .These bikes offer mobility solutions and allow these individuals to cycle, despite their particular conditions. The adapted bike has electric assistance.

There are different types of suitable bicycles, including:

Adapted tricycles like Easy Rider : Adapted tricycles are three-wheeled bicycles offering increased stability compared to traditional two-wheeled bicycles. They are ideal for people with balance difficulties or mobility limitations.

Adapted tandem bikes like Fun2Go coupled with FunTrain : Adapted tandem bikes allow two people to pedal together. They are designed for people who need assistance or support when pedaling, such as people with visual impairments or reduced mobility.

Lowered frame bikes like Balance: Drop frame bikes have a low frame that makes it easier to access and ride for people who have difficulty straddling a traditional frame.

Included in the rental

Trousse de premier secours compris avec la location du vélo
First aid kit
>Gilet de sécurité compris avec la location du vélo
Safety vest
Casque compris avec la location du vélo
Pompe à main compris avec la location du vélo
Hand pump
Antivol compris avec la location du vélo
Panier compris avec la location du vélo
(on compatible models)