Fun2Go Duo bike

The Fun2Go is a three-wheeled tandem equipped with two side-by-side seats for passengers. Both people can easily pedal together while the handlebars can be held by one person. Adjacent seats allow passengers to communicate freely while enjoying the view. The bike is easy to assemble thanks to its ergonomic design and the seats can be adjusted to the desired distance. The Fun2Go also features an optional freewheel switch for added flexibility, as well as electric assist and additional options for a personalized driving experience. The maximum speed of the Fun2Go is limited to 20 km/h to ensure user safety. Van Raam has perfected the design of Fun2Go and is chosen by renowned institutions.

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Advantages of model Fun2Go Duo bike

Possibilité d'installer des écrans de protection
Facilité d'installation sans besoin d'enjamber le vélo
Sièges confortables et ajustables avec dossier
Conduite à deux avec possibilité de pédaler pour les deux
Visibilité optimale et attention portée au passager
Plusieurs options de propulsion disponibles pour le conducteur et le passager
Extrême maniabilité, le vélo peut tourner sur place
Testé et recommandé pour une utilisation sécurisée
Large gamme de modèles de vélos disponibles
Communication aisée grâce aux sièges côte-à-côte
Conduite facile et intuitive
Stabilité et robustesse assurées

Description of Fun2Go Duo bike

Le Fun2Go

The Fun2Go is a three-wheeled tandem bike with a side-by-side dual seat for passengers. Although only one rider is needed to hold the handlebars, both people can pedal together with ease. The two adjacent seats allow passengers to communicate freely while enjoying the view and the driving experience together.

The Fun2Go's ergonomic design allows passengers to get on easily without having to step over the bike. Additionally, the seats can be adjusted to the desired distance using an adjustment lever. With its two rear wheels and a single front wheel, the Fun2Go is easy to maneuver and can rotate 360° on its own axis.

For added flexibility, an optional freewheel switch allows you to choose whether the rider should pedal or not. Additionally, electric assistance is available to help pedal more easily in all conditions. There are also a variety of additional options available to customize the Fun2Go to your preferences.

To guarantee user safety, the Fun2Go is limited to a maximum speed of 20 km/h. Van Raam, who has produced thousands of Fun2Go bikes over the past 30 years, has perfected the tandem bike design 100%. Renowned institutions such as Rabobank, de Zonnebloem and the Van der Saar Foundation have all chosen Fun2Go.

With the switchable freewheel option, you can determine the degree of pedaling activity or inactivity for the passenger, providing a personalized and comfortable riding experience.

double cycle, a three-wheeled tandem, on which passengers sit side by side. For safety reasons, the Fun2Go is limited to a maximum of 20 km per hour. With the switchable freewheel option, you can determine the level of pedaling activity (or inactivity) of the passenger.

Autonomie 39kg, 8 vitesses

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