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The Easy Rider Compact is a comfortable, compact tricycle with an adjustable seat and similar riding characteristics to the Easy Rider, but much more compact. It fits small adults and big kids with an inseam of 25-32 inches. It is also equipped with various options, such as electric pedal assistance, footrests and cane rest, and a practical luggage rack.

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Description of Easy Rider Compact tricycle

L’Easy Rider Compact est un tricycle compact doté d’un siège sur lequel il est très facile de pédaler. Confortable, ce tricycle convient aux petits adultes et aux grands enfants. Compact de par son allure et ses dimensions, l’Easy Rider Compact possède des caractéristiques de conduite similaires à celles de l’Easy Rider, mais en beaucoup plus compact. Son cadre unique permet un enjambement plus bas et un centre de gravité plus bas, procurant ainsi un sentiment de confiance et de sécurité sur le tricycle.

The forward pedaling movement and the saddle suspension ensure perfect riding comfort, making short distances just as comfortable as long distances. The recumbent tricycle seat is adjustable and the Easy Rider Compact is very maneuverable, offering a small turning radius.

The Easy Rider Compact is suitable for an inseam of approximately 63 cm to 81 cm, corresponding to a body height of approximately 1.40 to 1.70 meters.

The Easy Rider Compact is compact due to its design, notably thanks to its small front wheel and its larger rear wheels. This sit-up trike also has narrower handlebars and shorter cranks than the Easy Rider. It has standard anti-tip wheels at the rear of the frame. In normal use, on a flat road, you will not tip backwards. If the bicycle reverses on a steep slope (maximum 10%) and you then brake, the bicycle could overturn. Anti-tip wheels ensure you don't tip backwards. It is recommended to consult the Easy Rider Compact user manual to take all necessary safety measures before riding on a slope.

Almost all wiring passes through the frame, which not only provides aesthetic benefits, but also additional protection for the cables. Additionally, the Easy Rider Compact is equipped with a chain pipe instead of a chain carrier, which contributes to a modern, minimalist design.

With the Easy Rider Compact, a luggage rack is mounted on the backrest, where a single-sided pannier can easily be attached, which can also be removed and used to store personal items or groceries. The rack fits most single opening saddlebags. The battery of this tricycle is placed perpendicular to the bike, between the two rear wheels. The battery cart is designed so that the battery only has to be partially slid onto the cart and can be easily removed.

Thanks to various options, the Easy Rider Compact can be adapted to your needs and wishes. It is possible to add a mirror, footrests, a cane rest or a larger battery. All options can be found in our bike configurator or on the price list.

Smart e-bike
The Easy Rider Compact can be optionally equipped with electric pedal assistance. Thanks to the all-new Silent smart display, it's easy to set the desired assistance level and view current bike data, such as speed and battery capacity. Van Raam's Silent electric system is also equipped with a start assist, providing additional support when riding the bike.

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