VeloPlus bicycle chair

The VéloPlus offers people in wheelchairs the possibility of traveling by bicycle while remaining seated in their wheelchair, thanks to an inclined ramp and a locking system. The low chair layout and front wheel upgrades ensure smooth circulation and superior stability. This model is perfect for transporting several people in wheelchairs and can be customized with an optional electric motor.

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Advantages of model VeloPlus bicycle chair

L'utilisateur peut rester assis dans sa chaise roulante pendant le transport
Le plateau inclinable permet une mise en place aisée de la chaise roulante
Adapté à tous les types de chaises roulantes manuelles
Les roues directrices offrent une grande manœuvrabilité
Sécurité et stabilité garanties
Utilisation facile et intuitive
Fixation rapide et sûre de la chaise roulante sur le plateau

Description of VeloPlus bicycle chair

VéloPlus is a transport solution specially designed to allow individuals in wheelchairs to enjoy the experience of cycling while remaining seated in their wheelchair. It offers ease of access thanks to an inclined ramp and a secure wheelchair lock, allowing the passenger to be moved onto the bike platform without having to be lifted.

The low position of the chair on the bike improves stability by lowering the center of gravity. In addition, the front wheels are spread apart and have better steering to reduce the turning radius. As an option, the VéloPlus can be equipped with an electric motor for pedaling assistance during the journey.

This model is mainly used in institutions and homes for transporting several people in wheelchairs simultaneously. In summary, VéloPlus is a practical and secure means of transport that offers people in wheelchairs the opportunity to enjoy comfortable bike rides in complete safety.

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Caractéristiques standard :

  • 8 vitesses
  • Éclairage à piles
  • Sangle de sécurité au niveau des hanches
  • Peinture respectueuse de l’environnement
  • Freins à disque hydrauliques à l’avant
  • Frein de stationnement
  • Verrouillage du fauteuil roulant
  • Blocage de sécurité

Further information sur le VeloPlus bicycle chair

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