ModelHydro Sfrom Virage Bikes is a bike combining élégance, performance and confort for all your journeys. Equipped with a 250W Push Drive motor and starting aid, it guarantees powerful assistance and easy starts. Its features, such as LED lighting, mechanical disc brakes and an 8-speed SRAM transmission, ensure safety and adaptability on different terrains. Designed for the cyclist, whether expert or beginner, the Hydro promises an unrivaled driving experience.

Day based pricing : HYDRO S – HY1
1 - 1 days 36,00 
2 - 2 days 62,00 
3 - 3 days 90,00 
4 - 4 days 115,00 
5 - 5 days 140,00 
6 - 6 days 165,00 
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Description of HYDRO S

Le + : Aide au démarrage, Éclairage LED, Potence réglable
Freins : Disques, Hydrauliques, Avant / Arrière
Moteur : Push Drive, Arrière 250W 60Nm
Transmission : 8 vitesses par chaine SRAM Plateau 48T
Poids: 25 Kg
Batterie: 48V Lithium, 540 Wh
Roues: 26 pouces sections 2,125

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